What is the difference between holographic and glitter holographic? 

Holographic stickers have a holographic finish while glitter holographic stickers have a sparkly star finish. All videos that I post of sparkly stickers are glitter holographic. 


Holographic (left), Glitter Holographic (right)

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Orders usually ship within 1-2 days and should be delivered in a week or so for domestic orders. International orders can take up to 1-2 months to be delivered. 

What if I accidentally put the wrong mailing address? 

Email me ASAP at artbykayrae@gmail.com

Include your name, order number, and correct mailing address

I am not responsible for any lost/unreceived orders if you provided the wrong mailing address

If your order has not been shipped yet, I'm usually able to change your mailing address. 

If your order has already gone out with the wrong mailing address, I cannot get it back. You can either place or a new order or wait to see if your order is returned to me. 

I will email you if your order has been returned to me. Failure to respond to that email means you risk forfeiting your order. 

I haven't received my order yet/my order appears to be lost 

Email me at artbykayrae@gmail.com with your name, order number, and mailing address so I can investigate

Do you take commissions? 

I sure do! Email me at artbykayrae@gmail.com

I still have a question you didn't answer!

No problem! Email me at artbykayrae@gmail.com with any questions you have, and I'd be happy to answer them!